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Hey, I’m Rob!
A freelance front-end developer and designer

I live in Carterton; a small town 15 miles west of Oxford. I work with teams and startups to create scalable design systems that focus on responsive design, performance and inclusivity.

Front-end development

Having worked on small brochure websites through to large enterprise e-commerce websites – I can help you build modular, scalable websites/apps using the latest techniques in HTML, CSS, ES6 JavaScript and SVG that work across the latest browsers and degrade in less feature rich browsers.

Digital design

Having a solid understanding of how the web works, allows me to design modular, reusable designs that are focused on creating an inclusive experience for the people who use your products. On top of this, I’m also able to design SVG illustrations that are optimised for animation on the web.

What I’m busy working on

Work history

  1. Syndicut

    ( - )
    Front-end developer
  2. Freelance

    ( - )
    Front-end developer & digital designer
  3. Ridgeway

    ( - )
    UI developer
  4. Codeweavers

    ( - )
    Front-end developer & designer
  5. BigTable

    ( - )
    Front-end developer & designer
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I’m available for new front-end development and design work

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